New Shop Construction

We finally FINISHED construction of our new shop.  It is a big improvement over our old working conditions and allows us to further expand our special services like powdercoating, fabrication and cylinder head work.

Thanks to everyone who called or wrote to comment.  We hope you enjoyed watching the progress--if you scroll to the bottom you will see the final photos of construction and few of the working shop as it is now. 
Excavation Begins Dec. 28, 2007
We have no flat ground here so have to dig into the slope.
We have rocks.  Rock Hard Excavating is doing the work with help from Charlie's Backhoe Service.
Preparing to pour the footers.
The footers are in.  Next come the masons.  Eli is coming down from NJ to rough in our plumbing.
Eli came down, worked till 2am and left.  (Thanks!)  
Cymric inspects the site.
Buster and the block party came in and did their thing.  So far, the weather is holding.  
The weather turned very cold so we have to wait before we can pour the floor.
Wonder when they are going to take all the spoil away?  It makes a fine mess.  Cymric stays muddy.
Weather finally improved enough to start pouring the floor.  Had to add calcium to the mix since it is still cold.  They forgot to put the fiberglass in, so everyone got to stand around for a couple of hours.  Jamie says to expect things to go wrong.  It is forcast to warm up tomorrow.
Page and his dad are doing the floor work.  He will be coming over though the night to run the float.  We have some fine local craftsman.  Last time I heard him out there was 2am.  He has been coming every two hours.  That is service!
The upper side is taking longer to set.  Probably due to the in-ground aspect.  Thermal blankets are put on the firmer area.  
Temperature will drop to 20 tonight.
Page is still coming every two hours to work the upper side.
The spoil is finally being cleared away to make room for the lumber and roof trusses coming in.
Had a lot of wind followed by an ice storm.  Fortunately, everything was battened down and cleand up.  The carpenters are due as soon as the weather improves.
Here are a couple of bonus pictures of the ice.  I think it is beautiful, but treacherous.
We lost power for about 28 hours.  It melted fast once the sun came out.
I got a little behind in pictures but here is the work of day one and two by Wayne and Bobby, our carpenters.  
Another angle.  It is starting to look real now.
Cymric is making another inspection.  He is not quite sure what is going on but likes the company.  We had to keep him in until the floor set--not fun for him or us.  His underground electric dog fence was down for about 5 weeks, he was a very bad dog.
Day 4 and Wayne and Bobby decided to set the roof trusses without a crane.  Called in Keith to help.  I am all admiration for the good and fast work they do.
You can really get an idea now of how the new shop is going to look.  I'm including shots of different angles for you.
They had this much up in 5 hours.
From the right front corner.  You can see the plumbing lines for the sink and doorway going out to the new patio.
This area will eventually have pavers laid.  We hope it will be a good place to hang out and relax when you guys stop in.
A view of the rear of the shop.  We managed to keep the River Birch, but had to give up our Red Oak tree.  They still have to cut the opening for a window on the back wall.
Angle from the rear corner.  You can see the door to the breezway that will connect to the house and old garage.  There will be a door cut into the current guest /shipping room from the addition.  I will be moving my office there and making the old office the guest room.
Thats (L to R) Wayne, Keith and Bobby raising the trusses.  
Breezway area taken from the back door in the old garage.
Interior shot with most of the roofing in place.
Almost done.
Now you can see how it sits in relation to the house.
I dread the job of picking up all the rocks and getting grass planted.  When we built the house it took a year to get enough loose soil to sow seed.  We were younger then and could bend over and carry those blasted rocks away.  Now, not so much.
I am pretty sure Jamie is finally going to have enough room to work.   Yesterday he asked me what color we should paint the interior.  Hmmmm...
The excavators came back and backfilled the building and finished up their part.
They are picking rocks--but barely scratched the surface.  When we built the house it took us almost a year to clean them up enough to plant grass seed.  We have till May to get this done.  Eeeeeek!
Windows and doors go in tomorrow.
All cleaned up.  Yes, Preacher Rick---thats your bike all back together.
The shingles are going on now.  We finally got some nice weather but still windy..
Shingles are all on, skylights in.
Interior with skylights in place.  Really helps to have natural light.
Believe it or not, the shingles are the same as we had put on when we built the house--but they have changed color in 18 years.  Much more red now.  By the time the new ones fade we will have new shingles on the old roof.
Have I mentioned the rocks?  I have actually started picking some up.  Can you tell?  Ha!
Most of the siding is on and the detail over the door ready for cedar shingles.

The rear window is in.  It was moved from the old shipping/guest room.  The rear is ready for the last of the siding work.
Sure makes the house look larger overall.
Scenic shot from the back side of the pond.  Indulge me--I am very pleased with how it looks.
The last ice storm brought down a couple of trees next to the pond.  A neighbor offered to cut them up for the firewood.  I am so glad someone can make use of them.
In case you were wondering why we need a new shop......
We are currently using every square inch of space.  You should see the basement!
I told Jamie to look bewildered.  He did, but the picture is really too small to capture his expression.
Here we go, the new door will be in by this evening.  I was a little concerned as Phil Marks is on his way down to stay for a couple of days and he would not appreciate a big hole in the wall to his room.
The electrical wiring is going in.
You can't realling see the wiring in this small picture--but it is almost done.
Julian spent the weekend installing the HVAC system.
With the electrical and HVAC in, next comes the insulation.
Two guys had the insulation done in 2.5 hours.  
The drywall hangers  (which have no heads) were amazing.  Wresteling those 12 foot sheets to the ceiling can't be easy.
The drywall was hung in about 2 days.
The first coat of mud is on.
Wow!  While we were working, Spring happened!
Bonus pictures of a Virginia mountain spring.
We only get a few weeks of Red Buds in all their glory each year.
With the drywall done, the garage door goes up.  Next, we paint.
We had a visitor move in for a few days.  
The painting is not completely done but it is time to get the shop set up and go to work.  
The garage door is on.  Setting up the work areas has been fun.  Jamie and I usually fight when moving furniture together (doesn't everyone?) but not this time.
All the old shop equipment is waiting to moved to their new locations.  We got our new cabinets, work benches, etc. from the Sears Craftsman line.  It is sturdy and the function of each piece is well thought out.  Jamie is having the time of his life!
Jamie has gone back to work but we are still settling in.  I finally got all the block sealed and painted.  We wanted to do more with the floor but--not enough money left.  You see some parts of one bike laid out on the lift--#1862--getting a frame up restoration.
Work in progress.  
Left to right:  Welder and welding table, drill press, lathe, hardware inventory, workbench.  The lift and the mobile tear down table with the frame and swing arm that go with the parts on the lift, freshly powdercoated.
Another angle.
Eli finally got the sink put in.  The fishing pole is always handy in case Jamie needs a break--the pond is located out the back door.